Winx Photo Boudoir Experience

Hey, hi, hello! Just Quinn talking now, cause this part is all about the ladies.  I've been a Knoxville boudoir photographer for about 5 years, so trust me, you're in good hands. At my boudoir sessions, you're free to be you. We don't dwell on the things about our bodies that we hate, we don't put each other our ourselves down. Instead, we celebrate what makes us unique, loved, worthy. Some people laugh, some people cry (happy tears, y'all), and some people hardly say a word. Whatever your vibe is, I'm for it, and so is my team. Come see why I'm one of Knoxville's top boudoir photographers!


Knoxville Boudoir Studio

I have a completely private in home studio where I create a luxury boudoir experience. From fresh flowers, champagne, and even some outfit options, I make sure no stone goes unturned. Its super important to me that my clients feel safe, celebrated, and beautiful, so thats exactly what we craft, a space for all of that!


"I've done multiple boudoir sessions with Quinn and her team. Quinn's hair and makeup artists make me look and feel so incredible. Quinn knows exactly how to pose me best to capture images that express my personality beautifully. I leave each time feeling even better about myself than before." -Kristen

“OMG!!! Literally the HAPPIEST MAIL!! I love every single picture!!!! For the first time ever I can look at these photos and feel beautiful and proud of the body that I carry. My fiancé tells me all the time but it’s totally different when you can finally believe it. My confidence is the highest it’s been in YEARS or maybe ever haha. I’m so glad I did this! At first it was for him but Lord knows I needed it for myself! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!️ I want to do like 10000 more now! They’re so beautiful, Quinn! You’re truly talented at what you do!! “ -Lizzie

"Oh. My. God. Seriously, I am not even kidding, I'm using these photos to land my next husband. Thank you so much! Ahhh!" -Stephanie


"From the very moment I arrived, Quinn and her incredible makeup artist made me feel so comfortable! I was a little anxious about taking my clothes off in front of the camera and posing, but Quinn made the whole process so fun and enjoyable! She really knows how to position a woman’s body in order to emphasize all of the parts that you love. She listens to you and empowers you during the shoot. The photoshoot was supposed to be for my husband, but ended up being a confidence booster for myself. If you are on the fence about boudoir, do it! :)” -Kseniya


"I cannot be happier with my boudoir session with Quinn and her team of a professionals! They were so fun and helped me to relax (this was my first time doing a boudoir session & I was nervous!).
Quinn did an AMAZING job on the photography and I felt so beautiful! It was empowering, and self-love was strong! I can't wait to give these pictures to my husband for Christmas!
Thank you so much Quinn! Your heart for helping women feel beautiful & desirable is felt in these sessions!" - Shannon


"Initially, I was SCARED TO DEATH to do a boudoir shoot. Being on the bigger side, you already feel way uncomfortable half naked. Not to mention the fact that some "stranger" is taking your picture. But-- as soon as I walked into the studio, my fears were alleviated. Quinn (and the other wonderful ladies doing hair and makeup) made me feel so comfortable and no one made me feel that I was any less beautiful than the smaller girls. Quinn knew exactly how to position me and make me laugh and captured some beautiful shots. She was extremely professional, knew exactly what she was doing, and had a great attitude and positive vibe! The turn around time was wonderful too, I got my photos back to view in a password protected gallery within 2 weeks. That's unheard of nowadays. I will definitely be returning to Quinn to get some more photos done. I can honestly say that there was not a single negative to my experience." -Paige


"I absolutely adore Quinn, she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I would definitely recommend her to any and every person I can. Thank you so much, I'm still so in love with my photos!" -Alyssa


"I just got married and gave my husband an album of the photos from my boudoir shoot and he loved it!!! He was so surprised by the entire thing! Thank you so much for being such an amazing photographer and for playing such a special part in our wedding!" -Breanna




Q: Just Quinn shooting, right?
A: Right! Female only team for boudoir. 
Q: Where do Boudoir sessions take place?
A: I have a private in home studio space that I primarily shoot in, but if you’re looking for a different space we can certainly search one out, there may just be an additional fee for space rental.
Q: Is hair and makeup included?
A: Hair and Makeup is not included in the base rate, but can be added for an additional fee! 
Q: How Long have you been shooting boudoir in knoxville?
A: 4 years, so yeah, I've seen it all. your body is not "weird" I promise.
Q: How many photos will I receive?
A: I am 100% an overshooter. Most boudoir galleries have 100+ images.
Q: How many outfit changes?
A: As many as you’d like BUT keep in mind the clock will not stop running, so if you have a ton of outfit changes it may cut into your shoot time, causing you to have less photos. I recommend 2-3 outfits max.
Q: Can I bring a friend/my significant other/my child?
A: No children, no men, yes to female friends, but keep in mind the space is small and they may not be able to hang out with you in the room if they’re getting in the way of your shoot or interfering in any way negatively (i.e., making negative comments, interfering with my creativity, etc.)
Q: Can I be nude for any portion of the session?
A: Absolutely! The session is catered to your comfort level, however please keep in mind that my sessions are always tasteful and will artfully depict nudity.
Q: Do all photos get edited?
A: All photos are edited for color, crop, and all the basics. As for body retouching, my stance is as follows: If it’ll be a part of your body for less than a month (think pimples, bruises, scratches) then I absolutely remove it. I absolutely will not alter your body to look like someone else completely. I am a body positive boudoir photographer meaning I’m allllll about the natural curves or lack thereof, dimples, and stretch marks. You’re a national freaking treasure, sis, and we’re gonna celebrate those parts of you too!