We’re Jesse and Quinn

and yeah, we love love.

but thats not all your wedding day is about. Its about your grandma twerking to an old Usher song and your dad squeezing your hand as he walks you down the aisle. Its about the cake leaning slightly the the left because its hot outside and its about the way you laughed a little during a serious part in your vows. Its about allll those little in between moments that make your day yours. We have a conviction for truth, we tell stories with soul. We don’t sugarcoat or paint it in a way it wasn't. Rainy wedding day? Rainy wedding day. Ya feel us? Heres the thing, we’re not even really in this for the weddings, we’re in this for the marriages. We vibe with people who recognize that every day should be a celebration, you should always say yes to champagne, theres never a bad time for a dance party, and hell yeah pass the chips and queso.

Quinn Barlow knoxville wedding and boudoir photographer

About Quinn

Lover of binge watching The Office
Mac and Cheese connoisseur
Big fan of old houses
Bigger fan of being nosy and touring old houses
Has perfected her Thats What She Said jokes
Margarita and Soup enthusiast…but not together
Grace upon grace

Jesse Barlow Knoxville TN Winx

About Jesse

Entrepreneur state of mind
A southerner who hates sweet tea
Pants, who?
Spends an obnoxious amount of time outdoors
Cooks a mean steak
Pop punk for life