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We’re Jesse & Quinn

We’re a husband and wife team out of Knoxville, TN
And holy sh*t, we LOVE love.
We're big fans of joy
We love couples who love us back
We don't do fake super posey stuff
We do do genuine happy stuff
We love adventure but also naps
We're excellent dress fluffers, champagne bringers, snot rag holders
We're big believers in meshing with our clients
We like lounging on our couch with our pups, binging The Office
We have Christmas candles burning year round
We’re big on serving our clients well

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We won’t be cheesy and call it an investment, because chances are you already know that it is. We’re worth it. We’ve been doing this for 5+ years and it shows. We’re pros, y’all. Below are our starting rates.


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“Jesse and Quinn are so personable and friendly right from the get-go which made us getting our photos taken that much easier. The photos they took not only captured memories of that day, but they captured the raw emotions taking place at each and every moment throughout the day, as well. When I look back at our wedding photos, I not only know what was going on but I feel it too.”

Samantha Genno


Our Philosophy

This day is not about us.
This day is not about the dress or the food or the centerpieces, it isn’t about the boutonnieres or the cake.
This day, your wedding day, is about you. Its about the way you smile when you see your new spouse, the way your grandmother looks at you as you walk down the aisle. This day is about popping champagne with your best friends and laughing at your dad’s bad dance moves. This day is important, because its Day 1 in the story of your marriage. Its suppose to be fun, to be chaotic, to be calm, to be loud, to be quiet, to be everything you represent, because its suppose to be about Y O U.

We want your photos to tell a story, to leave a legacy. We drop our ego at the door and instead slip into the role of best friend, sibling, parent, whatever you need. We’re not there to collect a paycheck, to add a date to our calendar, to mark something off of our list. We’re there for you. We want your photos to stand the test of time, not be a bad meme in 10 years. Our style is documentary and classic. Our edits are bright, clean, and reflective of the day. We get to know you as a couple, and we use that to achieve natural photos that don’t just look like you, they feel like you. We laugh with you, cry with you, get excited with you, and most importantly, we celebrate with you. So trust us, we’ve got your back. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.




Winx Photo

Knoxville Wedding Photographer

We’re so pumped you stumbled upon us. Out of all of the talented Knoxville wedding photographer websites you’ve probably sorted
through, you landed on ours. Yay!
A little about us and our couples- we’re big into joy. You won’t find Pinterest perfect posing or detail shot overloads on our site- we take
those photos too, but we’d rather showcase pure freaking joy. Our couples are perfectly imperfect. They aren’t afraid of a little emotion,
they create wedding days that feel like them and their people, and they are generally up for anything. Our couples trust us implicitly,
knowing we have their very best interests in mind. When we planned our own Knoxville wedding a few years back, one of our biggest
goals when searching for vendors was making sure we had vendors who felt more like friends. We didn’t want to feel as if our loved
ones were being judged for being a little rowdy, or like our wedding details weren’t good enough to earn their respect, or like we couldn't
make a “thats what she said” joke around them. Overall, we wanted to feel at home with our wedding photographer. Thankfully, we
did, and we knew that was something we wanted to carry into our own Knoxville photography business. Our couples are free to be themselves!


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