Knoxville Boudoir Photographer


Q: Just Quinn shooting, right?
A: Right! Female only team for boudoir. 
Q: Where do Boudoir sessions take place?
A: I shoot most boudoir sessions at the hive, as I am a hive preferred photographer
Q: Is hair and makeup included?
A: Hair and Makeup is not included in the base rate, but can be added for an additional fee! 
Q: How Long have you been shooting boudoir in knoxville?
A: 4 years, so yeah, I've seen it all. your body is not "weird" I promise.
Q: Do all photos get edited?
A: My stance on editing is as follows: I will always adjust photos for lighting, color, cropping, and all the basics. As for body retouching, I will happily remove anything that will be a part of you for less than a month, meaning pimples, clothing indents, scratches, etc. I will not, however, alter your body to look like someone else completely. I am a body positive boudoir photographer, meaning I'm allll about self love and like to promote an ENVIRONMENT that encourages you to embrace your natural beauty!