Classic Lakeside Wedding at Tellico Village Yacht Club

I don’t like being called an artist, or artists rather. I think its cheesy and pretentious. This isn’t some coy attempt at “omg! We’re not even that good!” pandering, its just me, a professional photographer, telling you that I don’t like being labeled that way. I like to call us storytellers.

When I was younger, and even now still, I loved to write. I don’t get to put pen to paper much (read; at all) anymore, but I do get to share a story. A wedding day is just that, right? A love story coming to fruition. The truth is, this is just one small part of your love story. It is not the climax, it is not the resolution. Its one teensy day that ends in you promising all of your days to the one person you hold dearest. Getting to write that story in our own way is the best kind of privilege.

Anthony and Kristen planned a destination wedding from Missouri to Knoxville, TN at Tellico Village Yacht Club for the beginning of October and y’all, it was incredible. We genuinely love all of our couples and how intricately different their stories are, and Anthony and Kristen are no exception to that. We shot their “engagement” session the day prior to their wedding day since they live out of town, and when I asked Anthony if he thought he’d be emotional seeing Kristen as a bride the next day, his response was simple, “HELL YES.” He said that the two things that could bring him to his knees were their 2 dogs and Kristen. He wasn’t kidding. Anthony’s love for his new wife was so evident, so tangible. Every few minutes I’d see him glance over at her and tell her how beautiful she was and just how lucky he felt to marry her. I know all love is different, but hear me out. Your wedding day is NOT the day to skimp on emotions just because there are people around. This is your wedding day! Its completely acceptable, and really freaking cute, if you are absolutely punch yourself in the face happy. Its totally cool if you break down in tears every few minutes, and friends, its super kickass if you express your love for your partner for all of the world to see. Don’t worry about who is watching, whether it’ll be on camera, or what it’ll look like. Just GO for it. Soak it in. Live in the moment. And if you need some pointers on how to do that, check out this JOYFUL Knoxville, Tennessee wedding down below.

Venue: Tellico Village Yacht Club | Planning: Team Wedding | Florals: LB Floral | HMUA: Southern Belle Beauty | Band: The Coveralls | Cake: Publix | Rentals: AOPR | Officiant: Ken Link