Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Sam & Robert

Sam and Robert are precisely the kind of clients we’re always looking for and heres why:

A. They were literally game for whatever. Running, skipping (even though Robert didn’t know how), jumping. All of it. They were game. Trust makes for some killer photos, friends.

B. They’re really cute and really into each other. Like can you even imagine how good their wedding day is gonna be? P U M P E D for it.

Lastly. They enjoyed themselves. They approached this session ready to have a good time, and that right there makes the difference. We know that having pictures made is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, heck, half the time it isn’t even ours (Jesse HATES having his picture made) but when you make the decision that you’re gonna have fun (and, ya know, pick FUN photographers) then it shows. We know you can’t just turn off anxiety, can’t just change a lifetime of hating being in front of the camera, but there are things you can do.

-Step one: Pick a photographer you mesh with. Pick someone you can actually see yourself hanging out with. This will help big time. When we picked our wedding photographer we knew we wanted someone that was chill. Someone who wouldn’t judge us our our group of friends. Trust us when we say we are NOT judging you, your fam, your friends, or your neighbor that your grandma made you invite. We don’t care who they are, what they look like, where they’re from, what they’re into, who they’re married to, or what they talk like. You’re safe with us.

-Step two: TRUST US. I’m not even gonna elaborate. Just trust us. Trust the process, trust that we’ve got your back.

-Step three. Make a day of it. Plan a date for after, do your hair and makeup trial before if you want. Make it fun. If you know your partner hates having pictures made, plan something that will make them more at ease. For me, I always plan to go eat pho with Jesse after. Special treat because I am SO over pho. Whatever makes your day great, do that.

Above all, remember this time in your life is meant to be FUN. If you’re feeling stressed, take a step back and breathe in deep. The most important part about all of this is that at the very end, you’ll be married to the one person who makes your heart sing, and we’d be stoked to be a small part of that!