How To Make Rainy Day Wedding Photos Amazing | Concord United Methodist Knoxville

How To Make Rainy Day Wedding Photos Amazing

Step One: Embrace it.

The End.

Seriously though, don’t let this industry bully you into thinking that you MUST have the perfect sunny day for it to be a real wedding. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have alllll the details and you must spend your parent’s 401k on a reception. All of that is fine and dandy, but the truth is that if you ended up married at the end of the day, it was a success.

Merritt and Jordon had literally the single most rainy wedding day of any of our couples ever. It monsooned. Remember back in Feb when a whole bunch of roads shut down for rain and didn’t dry up for like a solid week? Yeah, that was their wedding day. Ya know what though? You’d never guess it. These two had a smile on their face all day. They laughed and hugged and celebrated their rainy wedding day because they recognized how dumb it was to let a bad forecast dictate whether or not it’d be a good day. So yeah, Merritt’s dress got a little wet and Jordon’s suit had rain spots on it, but it didn't matter one bit. These two got married and we documented it in all of its goodness.

Bring on all the rainy weddings, we ain’t scurred.