Laid Back Rainy Wedding at Heartland Meadows

Finding your ideal client takes a while.  For a long time, I wanted my ideal client to meet a certain aesthetic. I wanted them to have excellent style, be incredibly organized, skip all of the current trends, and on top of all of that, I desperately wanted them to mesh with me. 
But heres the thing- I am nothing like that ideal client. WE are nothing like that ideal client. Somewhere along the road, I changed my tune. I realized that the most important thing to me was that whole meshing part, and in order to mesh, we needed to have just a few things in common. 
1.) My ideal client is laid back. Like maybe almost to a fault. I like a chill couple, what can I say?
2.) My ideal client trusts us implicitly. They know the seemingly stupid things we're instructing them to do (whisper your fave veggie in her ear, but seductively) are intentional. 
3.) My ideal client likes the idea of a wedding, but LOVES the idea of a marriage. 
Bonus: My ideal client can laugh at stupid stuff, like thats what she said jokes.

Thats it. Thats all. 

Enter Taylor and Joe. 
Taylor and I met for the first time 5 days before her wedding, the day she booked me. We only talked for the first time about 3 days before that. When I asked her why she waited to book her photographer, she said, "Well, I needed a place to host all of these people, so I booked that. Then I knew I needed to feed them, so I did that. Then I wanted to have pictures of them, so here we are." Calmest. Bride. Ever. 
So we sat there, 5 days before her wedding, with one of her bridesmaids, Grace, and talked like old friends. We talked about how she was still deciding on a DJ, and how she didn't know what song to enter the reception with. I suggested Hey Ya by Outcast. She took my suggestion. We talked about how tons of her friends and family were coming in from Texas and how her and her friends and mom were putting together the flowers she ordered. And just like that, I had the most ideal client I could ever dream up. Calm, cool, and collected. 

On the day of their wedding, we were preparing for a storm. Jesse and I stopped at Target and I bought a new rain jacket and an extra umbrella, thinking it'd be a wet wedding and we'd need a backup plan. I figured that by the time we got to Heartland Meadows, Taylor's cool facade would have worn off considering every sign pointed to a washed out day, every bride's biggest fear. 
NOPE. This girl was still as relaxed as a human being can be. She was surrounded by her friends and family, excited to celebrate her and Joe's 6 year dating anniversary with a wedding. And Joe? Well, he was calmer than her. He and his groomsmen played arcade games and waited for the ceremony to start. Joe also knighted his groomsmen when gifting them their new pocket knives. Casual. 

The rain held off, the day came together. Taylor and Joe celebrated all night with their family and friends. We were and are so overjoyed to be chosen as their wedding photographers. Getting to be a part of a day like theirs was infinitely better than whatever our weekend plans were 6 days before the wedding, before we met. 

Taylor and Joe, congratulations again. We hope you love these as much as we do!

Venue: Heartland Meadows | Dress: David's Bridal | Florals: Kukka Flowers (put together by Taylor's mom) | Hair: Abby with Studio 26 | DJ: Knox Vegas | Catering: Sweet P's BBQ | Bartending: Pour Guys