A Classic Country Wedding at 4 Points Farm

Every wedding day is different. Thats something we’ve learned over the years. It sounds cliche, because duh, but its also something I regularly remind myself of. How cool is it, that the gathering of people present on any given wedding day will likely never all be together again. Its a combination of both families, both friend groups, random coworkers and miscellaneous acquaintances who have, at least in some small part, played a role in the couple’s life. That means that every person, regardless of how well they know the couple, is worthy of being documented. This day, your wedding day, is worthy of incredible photos. The little moments and the big alike, nothing exactly like them will ever happen to you, in this place, with these people, ever again. Soak that in. THAT is what makes a wedding day so magical. It truly is once in a lifetime.

Kirstie and Drew met when Kirstie decided she wanted to get her motorcycle license.

YEAH. She’s awesome.

But ya know what happened? Drew failed her. Aaaaand so she had to come back. The rest is history.

On the wedding day, we asked Drew how his day had gone so far and if he was nervous at all. He said, “Yes, but in a weird way. Its like how you feel when you know you’re about to win.” We think thats the perfect way to describe how it feels to get married to your best friend. Its like the biggest win you could ever have.

4 Points Farm

4 points farm is located in Sevierville, TN, nestled in the Great Smoky Mountain area. 4 Points offers all day access to the property, a bridal suite, full kitchen, and ample parking. Its also super easy to find, so no worries on getting lost. We love the way light pours into the barn, as well as the golden hour on the property. We also love how picturesque the rolling hills are! If you’re planning a destination wedding in The Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, or Pigeon Forge area, be sure to check out 4 Points!

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