What to Wear for Engagement Photos | Knoxville Botanical Gardens

One of the most common questions we see, either by our clients or in public forums, is what you should wear to engagement photos. First and foremost, let me say that the following are only suggestions, and that more than anything else, we believe you should be yourself. If you’re wearing uncomfortable clothing, your discomfort will show in photos! Make sure your clothing fits, you can easily move in it, and that it feels like you!

  1. Coordinate, but don’t be too matchy. What I mean by that is don’t do denim on denim together. We recommend picking complimentary color palettes (so maybe one of you wears blue and white while the other wears a different shade of blue and green with white checks, make sense?)) and patterns.

  2. LAYERS. Layers are a great way to add visual interest without having to do multiple outfit changes. Add a jacket, a cardigan, scarves, etc!

  3. Dress for the location. You don’t wanna be strutting your stuff in stilettos through a field with lots of rough terrain. We do lots of walking and 8 times out of 10, your shoes aren’t going to show in your photos. Choose comfort over style when it comes to shoes. I’m not saying pull out your toe shoes, but maybe opt for flats instead of heels.

  4. Remove hair ties from wrists, apple watches, and anything else that is distracting or dates your photos. We love our apple watches too, BUT remember when people wore beepers? What if they had their engagement photos made with those? Talk about dating the session. Timelessness is always key!

  5. Engagement photos are a perfect time to do a trial run of hair and makeup for your wedding day. Just make sure if you’ve done a super formal updo you have a backup plan, like letting your hair down. You can usually tell your HMUA that you’re doing engagement photos so that they can tone down the glam.

  6. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Do a few photos in a nicer outfit then switch to your favorite team jerseys! Do what feels most like the two of you!

  7. Avoid neons and tops with lots of writing on them. Both will draw attention away from whats actually happening in the photos and toward your outfits themselves. In the case of neons, they’ll reflect onto your skin!

  8. Ask your photographer! Seriously, we’re happy to choose between option A & B, offer store advice, and help you plan altogether.

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that these photos are about the two of you, not what was in style or wasn’t. Ultimately our end goal is for you to love your photos now and for forever!

Abby & Keke had the CUTEST outfits that worked perfectly with their session! Check out these two below!