DIY Summer Farm Wedding | Maryville, TN

Your wedding day is not about the photos.

You read that right.

Lemme repeat, its not about the photos. Its also not about the dress or the flowers or the venue or the food, it isn’t about the music nor is it about party favors.

Your wedding day is about you and the love of your life declaring that love publicly. Its about the two of you and nobody else. If you’re talking with vendors who are saying otherwise, you’re talking to the wrong vendors. Now I won’t lie, documenting your day is important and feeding your guests is preferred. Flowers are beautiful, and its always fun to dress up, but if at the end of the day you’re married? Well thats all that matters.

Ashley and Shawn’s day was about Ashley and Shawn. Ashley made her own dress (!!!!!) and they got married at the farm Shawn used to work at when he was a teenager. Ashley and her bridesmaids picked flowers at Napping Cat the day before the wedding and made up their bouquets together. Ashley’s daddy married them and their dog free roamed all day, loving on all of their family and friends. They had over 200 guests and they took their time visiting with each of them and genuinely soaking up every second of their reception.

So these photos? These photos are the heart of our “why” because you’re not going to find any intricately styled flatlays of their invites or posed up perfection. You’re gonna see joy and a whole lot of it, and you’re going to see a couple who embraced their day wholeheartedly.

Venue: McCord Farms | Florals: DIY from Napping Cat | Dress: Handmaid | Catering: Zoe’s Kitchen | Rentals: AOPR