Sunflower Field Engagement Session | Knoxville, TN

Sunflower Field Engagement Session

Every year, Knoxville has a sunflower field open to the public and the general result is complete chaos.
SO. I thought it’d be a good idea to give you some tips on how to navigate it, when, what to wear, etc!

Tip 1. Go early. We went a week before the sunflower festival and avoided a whole lot of crowds that way. We did have to go a little further back into the field for thicker areas, but because the festival hadn’t happened yet, the crowds were not nearly as bad.

Tip 2. Go on a weekday. We prefer to shoot around golden hour, but my guess is it’d be even prettier at sunrise! Weekends get craaaaazy though, so stick to weeknights.

Tip 3. Be prepared to walk a little. We followed the path to the immediate left of the field all the way up about a mile and now only are there some gorgeous photo ops along the path, it spits you out in a dense area and loops back around, but all in all its definitely a walk and it feels a little like you’ll never get to the entrance.

Tip 4. Don’t wear anything too warm. You’re gonna be walking a fair bit, the fields are full sun, and the time of year is super humid. I love a good flowy dress for the lady folk and a a casual button up rolled for the fellas.

Tip 5. BE RESPECTFUL! The fields being open to the public is a privilege, please treat it as such. Walk through already cleared paths, don’t pick the flowers, don’t leave behind trash. I know that all sounds like common sense, but its so important!

Tip 6. Parking is limited, so you’ll find a lot of cars parked along the sides of the road leading up to the fields. Some houses along the surrounding roads even open their yard for a small fee to park in. We recommend carpooling when possible, and maybe even bringing some cash to park in one of the yards!

If you do decide you’d like a sunflower field session in Knoxville next year, we’d love to be the photographers you choose! Reach out for more info!