Knoxville Boudoir Photography Studio

Knoxville Boudoir Studio

What a freakin title.
Well ladies, I’ve done it. I’ve jumped off the deep end. Okay, its not that dramatic, but I did create a studio in my house!!!
I know, you’re shook, right? Right? Okay, but it IS cool though.

Having an in home boudoir studio is something I’ve contemplated for years, but I always assumed I’d need to wait until we moved someday and would buy a house with that in mind. Never in a million years did I think this would be a possibility in our current home, but look at me counting my lucky stars.

She’s a work in progress, and she forces me to keep my house clean-ish all the time, BUT SHES MINE. She being the studio, of course. Most of you have seen the progress on insta, but I wanted to officially introduce the space on the blog since I had my first session in it today!!

You’re probably wondering what this means for you and for Winx.
If you’re a guy, literally nothing, but if you’re a lady, be excited, be really excited! It means a more luxe experience, better deals, more frequent work being show, giveaways, and a constantly evolving and well curated exclusive space.

Intersted? Send me a message! Lets talk shop!

And lastly, two shots from earlier today!