Colorful Downtown Knoxville Engagement | Meghan & Matt

Its been a little while friends, but we're back! 
This has been a B U S Y summer for Winx, and while we're so grateful, we've gotten a little behind on some housekeeping stuff, like updating our site and blogging our work! I thought I'd kick us back off with a recent favorite of mine, Meghan & Matt's engagement session!

Meghan is a small business owner in Knoxville, so when she reached out about us photographing her and Matt's wedding this September, I was A. Stoked, and B. a little intimidated. Meghan is precious, but its always a little nerve wracking working with someone so creative! That being said, I KNEW we were a perfect match as soon as she told me what her business is- she's a graphic designer with a pension for paper goods and collectables! (Check her out here.) I've never really talked about it before, but I collect an embarrassing amount of paper products. Wrapping paper, notepads, thank you cards. You name it, I own 42. So yeah, match made in heaven. Ok, but THEN she says she wants do their engagement session around some of the bright areas of town, like the painted stairs on campus and the sunsphere and gay st and wherever else we can find. Ding ding ding, sold. Icing on the cake? These two are the cutest. They're another one of our "we're awkward in front of the camera!" couples who ends up not being awkward in front of the camera at all. They're making all of us who truly are awkward look bad, right? Cause there is absolutely no way we can turn on this level of adorable once we step in front of the camera. 

Meghan and Matt, we cannot wait for your wedding in September, and to find more murals with you both!