Why Family Sessions are Important

Its July. Let that sink in. Half of the year? Gone. We're closer to Christmas than we are to Valentine's Day... ok no, nevermind. Not quite. But we ARE close to fall! 

Fall is when my body rejoices. Even though that's when wedding season picks back up and we start getting busy again, fall makes my heart sing. First, pumpkin scents. I'm not even a little bit ashamed to share that I got new fall plugins for my wall flowers this weekend. The leaves get crazy beautiful around here, but have you ever noticed how gorgeous they get RIGHT before they start to change? Its this shade of green that I dream about. I've affectionately dubbed it "puney green" which isn't the most appealing title. Basically it's when green is trying hard to be green but really it's more yellow. Fall is when I wanna curl up, watch Harry Potter on repeat, and prepare mentally for all the holiday festivities that are about to unfold. 

OH. And fall is when people want their family photos. 

Listen, I get it. Fall is gorgeous, it finally feels good outside, your kids are getting a little time off of school and your summer tan is still here. Here's the thing though- you can do family photos anywhere anytime, just as long as you do them.  Why? Because your little boy's two front teeth are going to grow back in, he won't always have the sweet smile he has right now. Your daughter? Oh yeah, shes about to hit full blown "sassy stage" big time and there is NO way she won't roll her eyes at you when you ask her to match you next year. This isn't meant to make you sad that your babies are growing, its meant to make you think. They're growing, y'all. They're turning into the little people you're creating them to be and that is great, but they won't be little anymore. So quit it. Stop worrying about how you need to lose that last 10lbs of baby weight, how you need to wait for your husband to be in a good mood, how your kids have been arguing nonstop for 3 weeks. Stop focusing on what you can't do right now. Focus on what you can. 

You CAN preserve this time in their lives, even the stuff that irritates you, like their ability to get a popsicle stain on EVERY shirt they own (seriously, where are they finding these popsicles?)

You CAN make memories for them, and make sure there is photographic documentation.

You CAN be present, because the best you is the you thats present. 

Time is so fleeting. Its here and then it isn't. Let them be little, let yourself be you and let your spouse be your spouse. There is always an excuse, always a reason not to, but there are 100 more important reasons to do it. Because it is already July.