Spring Sunrise Engagement Photos in Downtown Knoxville

In true East Tennessee fashion, Whitney and Ryan planned their engagement shoot, got excited about it, and then, rain. Such is life down here in the valley. When they asked for our next available date, I threw one out that I honestly A. Didn't think they'd want and B. Wasn't sure I really wanted them to grab- A sunrise session, the day after second shooting a wedding, on a day when we already had a sunset session. 
Let me be frank, I love weddings. I love being a part of the joy, I love how tangible the excitement is. But y'all, I LOVE to sleep. Jesse loves to sleep more than me. We're a sleepy bunch, and I pray to God our future children are sleepers as well. After a wedding, we have whats called a wedding hangover. No, its not from sneaking shots (we've haven't done that...yet) but rather from standing, in the heat, holding 10-30lbs of gear at any given time, staying in full blown people person mode for 8 or more solid hours. It is E X H A U S T I N G. We're talking full recuperation day, turn the phone off, sleep for 15hrs kind of exhaustion. So anyway, Whitney and Ryan wanted the sunrise session. At first, I was a little mad at myself but then I got super excited because we really hadn't done a sunrise session before, and as much as we'd shot downtown, we'd never seen it in the early morning. 
Like, never in my photography career have I been more grateful for a decision on shoot time. First of all, there was nobody downtown. Complete and total ghost town. We met up and started walking up the hill to the little bridge and I swear, we didn't see a single soul. We had access to all of the places we love to shoot without managing the logistics of how to shoot around people and obstacles. The sun gave way to some of the best light we've ever had for a shoot and despite it being 40ish degrees outside, Whitney & Ryan were a complete and total dream to work with. After their shoot, we felt energized and ready to kickoff the day. That was quickly squashed by me telling Jesse to drive out to our favorite breakfast place across town instead of the 90 trillion surrounding our house, only to find out it was closed on Sundays. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. 
Whitney and Ryan, thanks for picking an AM shoot. No amount of sleep would overpower how excited I am about these photos and your wedding day. We cannot wait to meet up again in August!