Sun Drenched Field Engagement Photos at Country Manor Acres

A. How'd you get so lucky? 
B. How'd I get so productive? 

Subconsciously, I think I'm trying to be super productive before my birthday tomorrow. Its my last year in my early 20s, I'm feeling the pressure. 

Back to this post. You know I like to rabbit trail mid thought. 
Chelsea and Andrew met with us about a week after getting engaged in April. They didn't want a long engagement and decided that a May wedding would be perfect, so thats exactly what we're going to do! When we met, we instantly clicked. We talked for around an hour about the most random things, like Andrew's barber being allowed to call him Andy and which phone games were best. We laughed about adding certain songs to their "do not play" list for their DJ, and about the time I stole someone's deodorant, and how kids always know dance moves that we don't know. By the end of our meeting, they felt like old friends.

We met up at their venue, Country Manor Acres, and the sunset was as magical as I remembered. We've shot one other wedding there, Jaron & Makayla's, and their sunset photos are still some of  my favorites to date. I think it has something to do with being in the mountains, and the prettiest little pond at the base of the main site. The owners are precious and allowed us to explore all over their venue, including the prettiest little entrance to the woods which was so lush and beautiful, and where Chelsea immediately picked up a four leaf clover, which has got to be a good sign, right? 

Chelsea & Andrew, we cannot wait for your wedding next week! We're so glad you picked us to be your knoxville wedding photographers!