Cozy Fall Wedding at The Lodge at Brother's Cove

We’d probably fight someone for Sam and Robert, like no questions asked. I’m hoping they never ask, but if they do, hey, we’d do it. We’re not particularly “ready to rumble” type people (okay, Jesse excluded, he totally is) but we genuinely love these two. Sam and Robert are OUR people. 2018 has been so good to us, slinging us couples who love us and love us well left and right, but Sam and Robert, man oh man, they take the freaking cake. Right about here, I’d like to insert the multiple text messages that Sam has sent me telling me how grateful she is for us and how much she loves us, like unprovoked, just out of the blue. I’m not going to, because this isn’t about us, but the point is that I could. But heres the thing, I have this feeling that they’d do that for any one of the people they care about, and their wedding day shows proof of that. Every single person in attendance was JOYFULLY participating in their day. From their best friends to their siblings, the dads, mom, grandma (hey, they’re my mom and grandma too on wedding days, I have no shame) they were all so incredibly excited to witness the love these two share. We were too. Like- cry multiple times throughout the day excited because these people who were relative strangers to us several months prior were showing us exactly what true love looks like, and they were OUR people now.

Okay, mushy stuff aside, this wedding was tops. We both agreed that it was our favorite reception ever (you’re about to see the liveliest group of people dancing ever) and that we could totally merge our friend groups, which is always nice. The MAGICAL 3m Creative Consultants team (hey Jana heeeeey) put together the most picturesque day for Sam and Robert, complete with the gorgeousness of the Great Smoky Mountains backdrop. Also, Beauty by Blair and Hair by Christi (my squad) were the artists behind Sam and her squad’s look.

Sam and Robert were everything a Winx Photo couple should be- kind, real, joyful, trusting, and ready to have a really good time. If you’re anything like these two, hey, head our way. We want to meet you. As for the Gennos, we love you two. Thank you for allowing us in and thank you for always being so encouraging, so kind, and so fun.

Jesse & Quinn

Venue: The Lodge at Brother’s Cove | Planning/Florals/Catering/DJ: 3M Creative Consultants | Hair: Christi Piontkowski | MUA: Beauty by Blair | Dress: White Lace and Promises | Invites: Shutterfly