Knoxville Interior Commercial Photographer | Our Livingroom

So I painted my office back in the summer.
A little backstory- we live in a rental. Our walls are a putty color- not terrible, but not me. After seeing my business coach’s studio (more on all of that another time) I KNEW I wanted to paint my office white. I’m literally here 90% of the day and I desperately wanted my space to reflect who I am- bright and joyful. I also wanted my work to really be the showcase in the office, so I knew that like my site, it’d pop best on white. So I (just kidding, it was Jesse) did it and then I immediately had an identity crisis.
My decorating style has always been bright colors, but all of the sudden that was not the case. While yes, I love the way my work looked in my office, I also very much loved how calming the white was.
Enter fall, nesting mode, hosting an event, and my outdated living room.
Because I am a glutton for punishment, I scheduled our annual Friendsgiving in a house that hadn’t truly been cleaned in months because we were so busy. Not only had it not been cleaned (seriously, you should SEE our dust bunnies, they’re more like dust walruses) it was in need of some TLC. So again, I wanted to paint.
1 week prior to our Friendsgiving we did just that. I keep saying we, but I definitely mean not me.

So. With white walls I realized how gross our couch cover was. Unfortunately IKEA discontinued the series, and replacement covers were as much as a new couch. On a whim, I checked amazon and buddy, it was on. I found a darker grey (better for us anyway since light grey shows where our dirty dogs have put their muddy bodies before they get baths.) and it was so much cheaper than anything I’d seen before. We moved the credenza (its just a dresser), built a console table, built a giant chalkboard, ordered a new chair and light, and pulled out some of the decor I’d been hoarding with no true home for it yet. Boom. Done. And, Jesse only hated me for like 80% of the time.

All joking aside, my husband really is the most patient human and even though apparently Lowes puts him in a very bad mood, he loves the outcome and still somehow loves me.

Drumroll, here is the end result! There are still a few things I want to do (namely, find the perfect cognac leather chair at a reasonable price) but I’m super pleased with how everything turned out!