Knoxville Engagement Photographers | Seven Islands State Birding Park

  Does snow make anyone else long for warmer days? Like even the days where you know you were actually hot? I totally romanticize summer, thinking its the perfect temperature always. The truth is, Knoxville summers last a long time, are generally humid, and always make me long for cooler days. I'd be pretty content to stay in the fall weather range for forever. Whats the Miss Congeniality line? Not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket? Yeah, thats me. Thats ideal. When we met up with Bess & Jason for their engagement session back in August, thats about what the weather was like. Hot, but not too hot. Breezy, but not too cold. Perfect. I'd take a day like that today. 
  Bess and Jason love each other a lot. They wanted to do their engagement session somewhere meaningful to them, which is something we always recommend. Jason used to work at Seven Islands, so they spent a lot of time exploring the park. We saw the most BEAUTIFUL sunset while he explained what wildlife resided there and when the best time to come was. While seven islands isn't up in the GSMNP, its close enough to feel like you're away from it all. Theres an old homestead you can visit, complete with rocking chairs and mountain views. We could have sat there all night, listening to the sounds of summer. 
  Though their wedding day has passed (we'll share it with you a little bit later) we wanted to show you how fun their Knoxville engagement session was. All of our wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session, something we think helps us all bond and get to know each other. We recommend always doing a session with your wedding photographers before your wedding day, that way you get a good feel for their style and how you'll work together. Plus, we tend to love spending time with our couples. If you or someone you know is getting married, we'd love to get to know you and see if we're a good fit!