Knoxville Wedding Photographers | Katie + Garrett

You know when you walk outside on a fall morning and you breathe in deep and even though its cold, its exactly what you need? Thats what Katie and Garrett's wedding was for us. 
.....Except it wasn't cold.
It also wasn't fall.
When we initially met Katie and Garrett, we knew they were a perfect match. We trespassed together and climbed up giant ladders just to check out the view, so obviously, we liked them from the start. Couples who commit small crimes together stay together, right? Katie and Garrett are the type of people who make you believe that true love exists and is worth it in every way. And if you already believe that, well, they make you believe it more. They're warm and exciting and personable and kind. They're the type of people who could get married in the middle of a field surrounded by horses in 90 degree weather and make it worth every second for their guests, which is exactly what they did. 
K & G's wedding party was packed full of fun people who really like to have a good time, including a 1 month old insanely cute baby (cue baby fever) and Katie's 2 sons, Kadin and Lyric. Also, Garrett's mama handmade Katie's bouquet, how cool is that? Though it was hot outside, that didn't stop people from shredding up the dance floor. I mean, even Garrett's grandma got in on the fun! We capped the night off with a sparkler exit and a sky that matched Katie's hair perfectly.

Katie, Garrett, being your Knoxville wedding photographers was a dream. We loved spending the day with you and your family, and we cannot wait for you to see your full gallery!

Venue: Benchmark Fams | HMUA: Southern Sirens | Dress: Oleg Cassini | Catering: Buddy's BBQ | Cake: Publix | Tent: Campbell's Tent